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Strategic Development

From Vision to Fruition
An effective and efficient strategic plan is critical to the success of your organization. A detailed vision of where your organization is headed in the future and how it will arrive at that point is vital to actually achieving your goals and objectives. The key to a successful organization is a sound strategic plan that sets a clear mission and means by which to achieve those objectives. Organizations without such plans tend to drift, missing goals and straying from their mission.

Whether your organization provides food to the hungry, clothes for the homeless, economic development, healthcare or education services or any combination of other services, a proper plan that focuses on how you will measure your successes and accomplishments is essential.

RestoreHope Consulting will work with your organization to assess the needs of your organization and your community or service area. We will develop new or enhance previously created strategic plans that establish goals and benchmarks. RestoreHope Consulting will connect you to the resources you need to ensure that your organization stays on the right track.

Grant-Writing & Fundraising

A central element that will determine whether your organization achieves its goals is sustainability. Is it difficult for your organization to identify funding sources and receive adequate financial support? Is your donor base growing or do you find it shrinking? RestoreHope Consulting will conduct a financial needs assessment of your organization and identify appropriate and diverse funding opportunities from government as well as foundation sources.

In addition, we will send your organization regular funding opportunity updates and alerts to prevent you from missing critical resources that can help your organization achieve its goals. RestoreHope Consulting will provide grant-writing services to furnish your organization with competitive grant applications at the Federal, state and local government levels as well as with corporations and foundations.





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