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For community-serving organizations, particularly faith-based groups, working with government on any level is a new and most often intimidating and frustrating experience. RestoreHope Consulting will educate and connect your organization with the appropriate government offices that can help support your efforts in the community. Understanding the rules and regulations that accompany the receipt of government funds is essential before your organization attempts to partner with government at any level.

Likewise for government agencies and offices, partnering with faith-based and community organizations can be a new and complex process to complete. We will assist your Federal, state or local government agency or offices in your efforts to identify best practice organizations of interest in your region, state or city and assist your efforts to educate and empower organizations in your community through conferences and workshops.


One of the most overlooked aspects of a successful organization is the ability to market itself to outside funders, the public and even the media. Chances are that your organization accomplishes unique and vital services and achievements in your community.

  • Have you cataloged these achievements?
  • Can you readily share success stories with interested funding entities?
  • Do you have statistics or data that demonstrate your organization’s impact
    on the community?

RestoreHope Consulting will assist you with gathering and categorizing critical statistics and information about your organization and your community. We will help you develop a marketing plan that highlights the work of your organization and connect it with those in government, the media and general public who are most interested in learning about your story and sharing it
with others.




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