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Restoring Hope

Like never before, many residents in communities across the country are in need of critical services to achieve self-sufficiency in their daily lives. Many have given up hope for a better future, sustained employment, or a safe environment for their children. Congregations and community organizations that have responded to these needs for decades by providing jobs to the jobless, another chance for the addicted or incarcerated, a place of comfort to the elderly and a measure of wholeness to those living with HIV/AIDS.

However, today these organizations are finding that traditional measures of supporting their efforts are insufficient. New organizational strategies, partnerships and financial resources must be identified and utilized to address the growing concerns of our communities.

In order to bolster these efforts, RestoreHope Consulting provides capacity-building and technical assistance to these community helpers and healers expanding their ability to effectively and efficiently impact their communities in sustainable ways. RestoreHope can help your church or organization improve its vision, develop strategic plans to improve services, and navigate Federal, State and local government grant processes in ways that will sustain, and not undermine, your organization's mission. In addition RestoreHope can also help your organization market its successes to funding entities, the media and the public in general.

We look forward to helping your organization achieve its mission and assisting your efforts to better serve your community by restoring hope to those who have temporarily lost their way.

"Where there is Hope there is Help"






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